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Process flow

How Site works

Are you a Member of The Addicts Golfing Society of Southern India ?
If not so, then contact Admin by Clicking (Reach Us)

    If already a Member then for,
  1. Username: contact Admin through (Reach Us)
  2. Password: Ask Admin for default password through (Reach Us)

Note:You can change your password at any time by clicking profile, which is at the top of your page after you Login.


Entry Form Online:

To fill Entry form online, you need to compulsorily login. Then follow the below steps:

  1. Once you have logged in, Go to Tournament -> Entry form -> Choose 'Fill Online'. It will open a window which contains the link to the upcoming Tournament Entry Form. The name of the Tournament is displayed on your left hand side and the link to the online Entry form of that particular Tournament will be on your right hand side. Click on 'Fill Online' to proceed further.
  2. It will open window which contains your online Entry form. Your membership number and name appears by default.
  3. Fill all the relevant information. Check the sum total amount just above the 'Submit' button which is at the bottom right hand corner of the page and click on the 'Submit' button after confirming the sum total.

Note: If you have not filled all the required information you'll be prompted to fill the same before you can proceed further to pay.

Entry Form Payment:

  1. After clicking on the 'Submit' button you will be guided to the 'Payment Details' page.
  2. Fill up the relevant details and Re-Check all the details and amount at the bottom of the page and if satisfied check the 'I accept and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions'. Then click on 'Pay Now' button which in turn will take you to the payment gateway page.
  3. Now Enter your payment details (Card / UPI or Net Banking details) and click on 'Make Payment'. It will initiate the payment process.
  4. Note: Please don't click on anything in the page / Refresh / Reload until the payment is completed and the page is automatically redirected to . In some browsers your popup window might say that you are being redirected to a third party merchant site, if so then click 'OK' to proceed to payment gateway page. Clicking 'No' might lead to problems with the payment process so please avoid clicking 'No'.
  5. After the payment is successful you will be automatically re-routed to where a message will be displayed confirming your payment (successful or unsuccessful).

Please Note:

  1. You can fill only one Entry Form at a time for a particular tournament.
  2. If payment is done then you can't change your Entry form details so please recheck and change any data before payment.
  3. If your payment is unsuccessful due to some unforeseen circumstances then please don't worry, login again and follow the same procedures. For your convenience all the data that you had previously entered in the online Entry form will be recalled. Just follow the same steps and fill the Entry form online and proceed to make the payment. If the problem persists click on (Reach Us) and give us the details of the problem faced we will help you at the earliest to solve the problem.

Updating your information using 'Profile':

You can only send a request to update any information (except membership number, name & centre) on your profile page which will be reconfirmed from the Admin and then updated accordingly.