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With the advent of prohibition in Madras in the late 1940's, avid golfers signed up as "Addicts" with the government so that they could partake their favorite tipple after a round of golf. One thing led to another and in 1949 these "Addicts" formed the Society to celebrate Golf over a proper round of 19 holes! Over half a century later, the Addicts traverse the 12 fabulous courses in the south of India doing just that, whilst creating an apolitical environment for the conduct of the Society's affairs. The Society has no fixed assets and is entirely dependant on the Host Clubs for the continuation of its traditions. The Addicts thank them and look forward to all those 19's and more!

Addicts golfing - About

Addicts golfing - About

Our Objective

To promote, help, encourage, regulate and develop the game of Golf in South India.

To create, foster and maintain friendly and cordial relationship among Members in particular through Golf tournaments and competitions connected therewith.

To arrange regular Golf meetings at various centers in Southern India and also Golf matches against other Golfing Societies and Clubs.

Addicts golfing - objective

Addicts golfing - objective


I'm a member of the addicts,
and golf is my game,
I cannot chip and I cannot putt,
but I play it all the same.
I play not for the glory,
I play not for the cup,
I play for what's inside it,
I hope there'll be enough.
Easy does it, Easy does it , Easy does it

Addicts golfing - Song
Addicts golfing - Song

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Addicts Golfing - Golf
Addicts Golfing - Golf